Finding workers with sufficient language skills
to serve your foreign customers is not easy

Why don’t you train your staff quickly
in the languages they need?

How do we work?

Our philosophy

1 We are the first and only personalised mobile platform within the hotel sector.

2 We offer content tailored to each job to suit the different interactions between each worker and their customers.

3 We offer short micro-lessons that can be completed quickly. Available 24/7 wherever you are.

4 We incorporate games into our lessons to promote learning, motivate the user and encourage them to participate.

5 We use Big Data and AI to improve and personalise users’ experience.

Train your team to offer the best service to your customers

For the staff working at hotels whose priority is to offer the best customer service abroad.

We want to work with the hotels whose objective is to improve the experience of your foreign customers. We believe that this aim can only be achieved if your staff can speak the language of the customer and proficiently and understand their culture.

Improve the performance and motivation of the team

To optimise the benefits of the hotel sector, a team of well trained and highly professionals is essential.

We provide a service to hotels that prioritises the training of their front line workers, since they are the ones that directly engage with customers to provide a high standard of service.

We ensure that our customers have access to the best tools, strategies and technology so that they optimise their performance as a team.