Make your customers feel more comfortable
by talking to them in their own language

Our method

Personalised training that incorporates gamification

Personalized training that incorporates gamification on your mobile phone and guarantees the success of your team.

Personalised for each job and language level

Personalised content for each sector, job and language level.

Learning pills

Micro-lessons in a video format (2-3 minutes). Brief lessons with simple and useful concept explanations.


Designed to achieve a high level of user engagement. You can compete with your colleagues, earn points and win prizes.

Taplingua is the fastest and most efficient way to train your team in different languages and get to grips with cultural concepts.

Your team will learn useful phrases and words that will be able to use with your customers from the offset.

We offer cultural training for your team to help them understand the background and customs of your customers.

We personalise and adapt the content depending on the needs of your hotel and your brand.

We will keep in line with your HR policy and provide detailed reports of your teams’ progress.