Spanish Travel Apps for Spain: Taplingua – Cultural Bite: 3 great cities to visit in Spain this summer

Barcelona, Spain

If you are planning to travel to Spain or Latin America this Spring or Summer, you need to learn some Spanish. Or even better, if you are retiring and relocating to Spain, Mexico, Panama, Argentina etc. you really need to learn Spanish! Taplingua can help you with this. We are a new Ipad app. with a different approach to language learning. You will learn complete sentences from day in situations that you’ll find yourself when travelling: ordering food and drinks at a restaurant, shopping, getting tickets at a museum etc…

And now, a cultural bite: 3  great cities to visit in Spain this Spring or summer:

1- Madrid: the capital city of Spain. It has one of the best art museums of the world (El Museo del Prado) and tons of bars and restaurants! It’s always a fun destination, you won’t regret to visit it!!!

2- Barcelona: One of the most beautiful cities by the Mediterranean Sea. It has amazing Modernist buildings, nice mild weather and many restaurants and design stores! Do I need t say more? :)

3- Málaga: The hometown of Picasso. It has very nice beaches where you can relax and enjoy the warm weather. Try Andalusian cuisine while you are there and don’t forget to visit Picasso’s Museum.

¡Buen viaje!

More tips about what to do in any of these cities?, click below: