Spanish apps: Taplingua – Cultural Tip: Trip to Buenos Aires

If you are planning to travel to Spain or Latin America this Spring or Summer, you need to learn some Spanish. Or even better, if you are retiring and relocating to Spain, Mexico, Panama, Argentina etc. you really need to learn Spanish! Taplingua can help you with this. We are a new Ipad app. with a different approach to how languages should be learnt.

And now, a Cultural Tip: Are you planning to travel to Buenos Aires? I hope so. It’s a great city to spend time and a great way to put into practice your Spanish and learn more about Argentnian culture and history.

If you are, these are a couple of the places that are totally worth to visit:

1) La Casa Rosada (The Pink House): The Argentnian “White House”. It’s the most important building in “La Plaza de Mayo” (May Square) and probably the most photographed one!

2) El Teatro Colón: It’s the Opera House. The building is just beautiful and if you have the opportunity to see an opera there, don’t miss it! It’s one of the best opera houses in the world and always has some of the best ballet and opera productions! Tickets are not that expensive either and it’s totally worth.

¡Buen viaje! (Have a good trip!)

For  more information about Buenos Aires, click the links below: