Spanish Apps: Taplingua – Cultural Bite: Mexico City & its Museo Nacional de Antropologia


Taplingua can help you to learn Spanish or improve your Spanish if you already have some knowledge. We are a new app. for Ipad with a completely different approach to learning languages than any other app. in the market. Are planning to travel to Spain or Latin America this Spring or Summer?  Are you retiring and relocating to Spain, Mexico, Panama or Argentina?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you must be thinking you surely need to learn Spanish. We can help you! Our app. for Ipad provides plenty of practice, detailed video explanations and real situations you’ll find yourself in when travelling or living in any Spanish speaking country.

And now, a cultural note: Mexico City. It’s a vibrant city and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. It has amazing museum, great restaurants and very cool neighborhoods ( apparently, the city has more than 300!!!!).

If you only have time to visit one museum…. I highly recommend you to go to “El Museo Nacional de Antropologia” (The National Museum of Anthropology). The museum is located within Chapultepec Park and it’s one of largest (and impressive!) collections of archaeological and anthropological artifacts from prehispanic Mayan civilizations to the Spanish conquest. The building was designed by the the architect Pedro Ramirez Vazquez. It is characterized by its iconic umbrella roof supported by a single column, which represents a mythological tree and depicts eagles and jaguars. Don’t miss the chance to visit this amazing museum!

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